Survivorship: my life illustrated

Can you relate to some of these?

Me waiting to hear from my Oncologist office about my test/scan results, because I refuse to call.

nervous animated GIF


Half celebrating getting good test results right before wondering how accurate they are.

highqualitys animated GIF


Me explaining to my Oncologist that I need to see her more than once a year.

cat animated GIF

My reaction when people tell me I need to move on after cancer.


Me when someone tells me I need to live life to the fullest because I survived cancer.

serious animated GIF


My reaction when people tell me my cancer was a gift.

eye roll animated GIF


When my friends ask me to hang out late.

lazy animated GIF


When I read social media threads on miracle cancer cures.


How I feel about winter because of cancer associations.

grumpy animated GIF


My state of mind 24/7 because of Tamoxifen.


What I really wish I could be doing at my oncologist’s office.

hoppip animated GIF


About thesmallc

I'm Rebeca. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. But there's more to my story: I am an animal lover. I love to cook. I have a wonderful fiancé who doesn't mind walking my rocky path with me. We currently live in New York. ---------------------------------------- “Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” ― Viktor E. Frankl
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28 Responses to Survivorship: my life illustrated

  1. I have laughed so much that I guess my laptop has had a stroke right now 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    That is fantastic! Job well done. I had quite the giggle, thank you xx

  3. Yes! The ones I relate to the most: when people tell you to live life to the fullest (the cat doing its nails) and Michael Cera “It’s haaaard!” in response to your friends asking you to stay out late. Yep.

  4. nancyspoint says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    This is great. Boy, do I ever relate! My favorite has to be the one with the cat filing her nails. And the cancer is a gift one. And the baby one. They are all pretty darn funny! Thanks for giving me some good laughs.

  5. scottx5 says:

    Rebecca, like all of them. I think people mean well when we get their advice but somehow it seems like the tips come from a mixture of baby-talk and greeting card sentiment. A recorded message from the tooth fairy. Wonder what Barbie would say about losing her breasts?
    I’ll try “just shut up” on my seldom-seen care team. They are so perplexed that their expert advice isn’t cherished by whoever it is they believe I am, they get flustered and irritated. Funny how my nurses would understand the animations–not a chance with the doctors.

    • thesmallc says:

      Scott, glad you liked them all. I do think most people mean well. Nurses would def. understand the “joke” behind all of these illustrations. Some nurses seem to be more flexible/open about giving more time to their patients so there’s more of a connection (although I can’t complain about my doctors).
      You just gave Mattel an idea. I’m just not sure what kind of response(s) they would get.

  6. scottx5 says:

    Have to admit I have a bad relationship with my doctors. Was never given an interview prior to chemo and when I demanded one it was too late to be sensible. For people who have never read my record and I see for a total of half an hour a year face to face, their understanding of me would be a miraculous stunt indeed.
    Your animations have inspired me to add a feature to my oncologist’s personification of The Wizard of Oz she does so well. If I see her this year will let you know how she looks blowing green smoke out her ass. This all started first time we met and she stated seated behind her huge desk but her feet in red shoes just peaked out under the desk. She DID look like Dorothy’s house had just landed on her.
    Mattel could start with Ken, being a sensible guy, reporting for his yearly colonoscopy via his anatomically correct orifice. Accessorized with a suitably long flashlight and tightly creased trousers with the fly at the back he would make for quite the responsible new-age role model.

    • thesmallc says:

      Scott, you are too funny!! Now you got me picturing your oncologist with her smoke…ha ha ha! I do wish things were less difficult for you.
      Let’s include the doctor with the ken but I’ll let you describe his bedside manners. I love your sense of humor!

      • I think what’s most cool about the animations is the sense of reclaiming yourself from the single, simple dimension that the medical process pushes us into.
        There are three doctors in my life. My family doctor is great but is so over worked she only does my prescription renewals. The protocol is she has to receive all messages from my specialists and then tell me what they want. Since her receptionist either loses these messages or forwards them who knows where, my job is to tell my doctor what the specialist’s assistant tells me and then my doctor repeats it to me.
        The rest is just a mess.
        Green smoke aside, my now-assigned oncologist wouldn’t be ken’s type of gal. Not only are her shoes red but she has an imperial manner about her that looks patient but I suspect hides peril for those who mess with her. She’s very smart but trapped in a kind of bureaucratic hall of mirrors that means she can’t quite see me for policy. I’ve only met her once, my daughter booked that appointment and volunteered to speak for me. I had apparently agreed to this…. I was ken among the cats–outclassed and flattened. Even on chemo-brain it all seemed quite dangerous; and greenish.
        Under these conditions it’s hard to know who you are, why you are in the middle of it and what to do. But our feelings keep working and our feelings are very, very smart.

  7. tmmartel says:

    LMAO. Favourite – the cat filing her nails. Hands down the perfect description for how I feel. Right down to the look… Although cancer is a gift – close second. I have two responses to that one usually “No. A gift comes with a receipt and you can take it back”. or “What kind of lame ass gifts have people been giving you?”

  8. Carrie says:

    LOL! Super cute!!!

  9. Elizabeth J. says:

    Enjoyed them. Especially waiting for the call – do that way too often.
    I like the begging cat, but be thankful you are not seeing your onc every six weeks. Not fun!
    Love the cat hiding in the jar. That’s what I wish, too.

    • thesmallc says:

      Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed them. I wouldn’t want to see my Onco every six weeks. I can’t wait until no one has to do that. I am sorry you’re dealing with this cancer mess. xo

  10. Renn says:

    These are fantastic!!! Love!

  11. Just come across your blog and this post made me giggle can definitely relate! Given me some ideas for my blog now 😊 xxx

    • thesmallc says:

      I am glad you enjoyed them! I am sorry you can relate to this cancer mess. I am looking forward to reading about your story.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  12. The Accidental Amazon says:

    Hahahahahah!! Just what I needed. 🙂

  13. Allie Moon says:

    Hahaha fab post Rebe!! 😉 Made me giggle xx

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