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They said I was ‘normal’

Sometimes I find it difficult to believe it when my doctors call me ‘normal’. They aren’t just referring to my survivorship challenges but also to my current physical health. Why can’t I just hold on to the good news and … Continue reading

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Who should you tell about your cancer diagnosis?

I believe it is the patients’ choice to decide who should know about their cancer diagnosis, but many times we patients don’t have full control over that. Bad news travel fast. I felt pressured to tell people about my cancer … Continue reading

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What it feels like to be in the oncology waiting room

My friend Ed recently asked me, “What does it feel like to be in the oncology waiting room?” It was an interesting question. I had seen many doctors in my life, but never a medical oncologist. It feels different to … Continue reading

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News I hold on to

I got the clear on all 25 genes, guys! I couldn’t wait to share the good news with all of you. I felt so relieved. As of now I only have one mutated gene, ATM, which might or might not … Continue reading

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You would think that after cancer, not much would scare me anymore, right? Nah! I still have my fear of needles, strangely enough. And, my fear of heights remained the same after cancer too. And yet — I am contemplating … Continue reading

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Reasons I kept my cancer diagnosis semi-private

I chose to keep my cancer diagnosis semi-private at the beginning because, otherwise, it would have been too much drama for me to handle all at once. I didn’t want to dramatize my cancer. This was not easy, but to the … Continue reading

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