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They said I was ‘normal’

Sometimes I find it difficult to believe it when my doctors call me ‘normal’. They aren’t just referring to my survivorship challenges but also to my current physical health. Why can’t I just hold on to the good news and … Continue reading

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My colposcopy results and my constant doubts

My favorite Looney Tunes character is Sylvester the cat, who, as you know, is always trying to eat Tweety bird. Tweety is no angel – perhaps he deserved to be eaten. At least I wanted him to be. But Sylvester … Continue reading

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Sharing a positive experience (because there aren’t enough of them on the internet)

So I admit it, I seek medical advice from Dr. Google. I like to prepare myself mentally before going into any medical procedure. I spend countless hours searching. And even after listening to close friends telling me not to worry, … Continue reading

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