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Wish list

There is this writing program sponsored by my cancer hospital that allows patients to express themselves and get an opportunity to publish their work. Each year, I try to write a piece and submit it for publication. For this year, … Continue reading

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Sometimes “Unfinished Business” stays unfinished

I am not into cancer movies. There’s something about the majority of them – at least the ones I’ve seen – that does not accurately portray my reality of having cancer. Maybe that’s too much to expect from Hollywood, but … Continue reading

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I’ve been diagnosed with life and so have you

We cancer patients get a lot of pressure from society about surviving cancer – we must fight until the end, even if it means we fight against ourselves. We’re often considered “winners” if we survive, but if we die from … Continue reading

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Who should you tell about your cancer diagnosis?

I believe it is the patients’ choice to decide who should know about their cancer diagnosis, but many times we patients don’t have full control over that. Bad news travel fast. I felt pressured to tell people about my cancer … Continue reading

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Today I honor them

Many years ago, when I was about eight years old, other kids my age would ask among themselves, “what would you do if you were told you only had a few days to live?” You must wonder why kids would … Continue reading

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News I hold on to

I got the clear on all 25 genes, guys! I couldn’t wait to share the good news with all of you. I felt so relieved. As of now I only have one mutated gene, ATM, which might or might not … Continue reading

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You would think that after cancer, not much would scare me anymore, right? Nah! I still have my fear of needles, strangely enough. And, my fear of heights remained the same after cancer too. And yet — I am contemplating … Continue reading

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Reasons I kept my cancer diagnosis semi-private

I chose to keep my cancer diagnosis semi-private at the beginning because, otherwise, it would have been too much drama for me to handle all at once. I didn’t want to dramatize my cancer. This was not easy, but to the … Continue reading

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