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A Story for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and as usual I’m thinking of my grandma/mama, who raised me — wishing she was here. As some of you know, I’ve been writing memoirs about my childhood, and my grandma is always an important part … Continue reading

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Wish list

There is this writing program sponsored by my cancer hospital that allows patients to express themselves and get an opportunity to publish their work. Each year, I try to write a piece and submit it for publication. For this year, … Continue reading

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My Caregiver

I feel like I’ve taken my caregiver for granted. I know he is always there, waiting to please me. Always aware of my struggles and trying to comfort me in every way he can, even when he himself doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Sometimes “Unfinished Business” stays unfinished

I am not into cancer movies. There’s something about the majority of them – at least the ones I’ve seen – that does not accurately portray my reality of having cancer. Maybe that’s too much to expect from Hollywood, but … Continue reading

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She’s Bad News

It’s nothing new. I imagine I was never exactly ‘good news’ to my family – starting with the way I came into this world. It’s not like my parents were expecting me, all excited, with a decorated bedroom. They were … Continue reading

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These days

My mind is all over the place. Sometimes I feel I can’t focus. There are just too many emotions flowing through me during these holidays. So many memories of people who are no longer here. There is also sad, bad … Continue reading

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Another moment of forced exploration

As I was getting ready to fall asleep, a thought entered my mind. I turned to my guy and asked, “what if I decide to stop Tamoxifen? Leave everything aside and just live my life?” His response? A very long … Continue reading

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A place you can call your home

Holidays are generally hard for me. I know they must be for some of you as well. I miss my home with my grandparents. How we would gather around the table with all kinds of different foods; some were only … Continue reading

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