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Tamoxifen: The detective work continues

I am still here, gratefully and anxiously.   So, this is a very random post — random, just like Tamoxifen side effects. I thought this topic deserved a discussion, because I know how much patients struggle with Tamoxifen and sticking … Continue reading

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It’s about the patient

A couple of years ago, I received a message that a family friend, Floris, had been diagnosed with leukemia. From the time I learned about her diagnosis, I was concerned. I knew she wasn’t allowed visitors due to her poor … Continue reading

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They said it would be the easiest part

At first, the most annoying thing about radiation was having to be at my hospital everyday for 21 consecutive days. The burns caused by the radiation were not pleasant, but skin heals. I have to say though that, emotionally, radiation … Continue reading

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Tamoxifen Detective: How I got my Teva back

Last year, I shared the story of how I was given a different brand of my Tamoxifen at the pharmacy. It was made by Mylan instead of Teva, the brand that I’ve been in a long relationship with (click here … Continue reading

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22 Tips for Chemo

When I was diagnosed with BC, I only wanted to hear about stuff I was dealing with at the time, and not, let’s say, someone ranting about survivorship challenges. You know — like what I usually do here on my … Continue reading

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This is not the drug I take

I’m on my way home and I decide to stop at the pharmacy to pick up my Tamoxifen refill. The pharmacist confirms my name and hands me the bag containing the medication. I look inside, as I always do, to … Continue reading

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My chemical romance

Today is April 1st. And it was on an April 1st that I swallowed my own words. I once knew a lot less about cancer and its treatment options. I’d often said “I would never get chemo if I get cancer. … Continue reading

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Another moment of forced exploration

As I was getting ready to fall asleep, a thought entered my mind. I turned to my guy and asked, “what if I decide to stop Tamoxifen? Leave everything aside and just live my life?” His response? A very long … Continue reading

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